Ah marathon training. It brings about many strange and wonderful things. I thought up half of this list while I was running this morning and figured you all could add some as well. And you know how I love a list!
Signs you are training for a marathon
1. You resort to wearing old running shorts you would never normally wear because all of your running clothes are dirty and it’s only Thursday.
2. You start googling marathon pace times and going back and forth on your goal time.
3. You eat breakfast and then immediately think about what your next meal will be. You try to make it to noon for lunch but cave and eat at 11:30 AM.
4. You always seem to be showering.
5. You’re uncommonly sad about races you can’t run because of your training. You may not even run these races normally but during marathon training all you want to do is race.
6. Nine miles on a Monday is your easiest run of the week.
7. You can barely keep your eyes open past 9 PM.
8. You become a master at getting dressed in the dark so as to not wake your significant other or children or pets.
9. You wake up before the dog does and even he doesn’t want to get up.
10. You can’t keep gels stocked up enough. You consider buying them in bulk.
11. You really start to resemble a T-Rex.
12. When you see others running you want to run too. (Even though you literally just ran.)
13. You complain to whoever will listen about your sore:  IT bands, quads, calves, ankles, heels, shins, hamstrings, toes, piriformis, glutes, Achilles, or one of these, a combo of these, or all of these.
14. You give out the loudest sigh of relief when you first lie down for the night.
15. You start to crave ice baths.
16. You can’t read enough articles on marathon training. You want more tips, more advice, more coaching, more nutrition information, more, more more!
17. You trick yourself into thinking you really like speed work. And you cannot lie.
18. Your post long run nap is the most amazing sleep ever.
19. You think about buying stock in Body Glide.
20. You decide that after this marathon you are never running another marathon again. And you know this is a big, fat lie.
What did I miss?