TGIF Mother Beeches! First let me start by saying THANK YOU to Kristin over at BonBon Rose. I entered her Pay It Forward and got this absolutely adorable and eco-friendly shopping tote. Being the fashionista that she is, even the card she sent was pretty.

So cute, right?
Back to running related news.

I ran my 6 mile MLR on Wednesday and got to run half of it with two of my favorite running coaches, Coach EK & Coach Tom. They were nice enough to stay with me the first half as no one else showed from the group. Losers. (I kid, I kid.) We finished our run and had a delicious dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. I didn’t get in bed until about 10 PM.

Yesterday morning another runner from the group P-funk (who is just delightful), and I decided to meet up at 5:15 AM to do our interval workout. We were sticking to The Plan of three 800’s at a 4:15 pace, with a one mile warm up and a short cool down. We finished up and headed our separate ways to get ready for work.
I got home, showered, and put on my usual accessories.

By about 3 PM I was done.

Here is a most entertaining email exhange between myself and P-Funk as it related to our sleepiness:From: B.o.B. to P-funk
Subject: zzzzzz
Ok so I am officially sleepy. I was fine on Tuesday when I did my run in the AM, but I also went to bed at 9. I am so freakin’ sleepy right now. Ihf;hr;drghaajjf; aOIHZsvdd – wha? Oh sorry. Fell asleep on the keyboard.

How you holdin’ up?

-Sleepy BFrom: P-funk to B.o.B.
Subject: RE: zzzzzz
OMG! That is too funny!! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I was asleep under my desk and my alarm clock didn’t go off (Seinfeld episode).

Actually by 10 am, I was already sleepy. I’ve had a few people in my office this afternoon, so I didn’t get much of a chance to nap….HATERS!! 🙂
You went to bed probably after 10pm – like I did – and don’t forget that run last night. Probably didn’t help. You’ll get used to it. I actually enjoyed myself and thought it was a great plan and route. I’m thinking Monday evening hills and Thursday morning speedwork added to the rest of my schedule would make 5 run days and that’s very doable. (is this a word?!)

I am sure I’ll get used to these morning work outs soon. If not P-funk may need to make room under her desk for me. Have a great Friday everyone. Stay tuned for my race report on Sunday!