So apparently I have allergies. I’ve suspected for a while now and have yet to actually get diagnosed. I prefer to just google my symptoms and assume I know what I have. I mean, those doctors only have like 10 years of schooling so what could they possibly tell me that the interwebs can not?

I’ve been waking up with the scratchy throat and sneezing throughout the day. I’ve also been a little stuffy, but not too bad. I’d call it a two blow stuffiness, not full on box of tissues stuffy. I bought some drugs (OTC thankyouverymuch) and hopefully they will help and not make me feel all Dopey.
Then again, being Dopey can be kind of fun.I made it through my 5 miler this AM with P-Funk and Hollster and didn’t feel bad at all. I’m just hoping this allergy stuff works or at least whatever I’m allergic too right now goes away soon. I’d hate to start marathon training this way. It’s either that or start practicing my snot rockets. Happy Wednesday.