Today is the first day of my Miami Marathon training plan. I love the smell of spreadsheet in the morning!

I’m hopeful that I can get through this training plan unscathed and fit and make it to that finish line in the beautiful (and please oh please cool January temps) Miami!

I initially only signed up for this marathon because my bestie, P-Funk, decided she was ready for her third marathon and I had said all along that whenever she was ready for her next one I would be there! And guess what? It’s become a fully sanctioned BRA (my running group) event with about 20 plus runners heading south for either the marathon or half marathon. Even Caribbean Steve is shelling out the dough to run this race.

My shin has been feeling fine since my trial run on Saturday of four and a half miles and my “recovery” run of four miles on Sunday. I got my plan from Coach EK and I was surprised to see that based on what I’d like to run, I am not pantsing my poop about the various paces. They all seem doable barring anymore shin issues. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get to the start line healthily.

I’m using the Detroit Half as part of my training and am actually looking forward to freezing my buns off up there since I’ll also get to see my Boo, Red, as a bonus. (If you are running Detroit, please come say hello at the Women’s Running Magazine booth.)

Since I am taking a break from tri racing and focusing on the run I must warn you that I’m going to become a full on running junkie. I will continue to cross train because I am really loving Dolly right now but to reach my Miami goal I must commit to my first love…the run.