I did it! I made it through my 20 mile run on Saturday. I know this shouldn’t be a big deal at this point in my running career because, hello, ironman and seven marathons, but 20 miles will always be a BFD.
I had a little help along the way of course. My friend and ultra triathlete/ultra runner/physician/wonderful mom of three (Seriously. HOW does she do it?) was in taper for the Keys 100 this weekend so she ran 16 miles with me. Yes, 16 miles is taper for a 100 mile race. Insanity. No sooner did my ultra friend leave than another friend pulled up for her run. This was completely unplanned and I was thrilled to have company for the last four miles. They were tough, not going to lie, but I did it and my average pace was 9:20.
This was my first 20 miler of this training cycle and much like other training cycles, it gave me that little bit of extra confidence I need heading closer to Grandma’s. (I like saying that I’m going to Grandma’s to run a marathon. It makes me giggle.)
So about that BQ (Boston Qualify) thing. I’ve not given up, but I’m not exactly feeling super confident about going sub 3:40. Race day will be a big factor on what I decide to shoot for. I am very tempted to say eff it, let’s go and crash and burn spectacularly. The weather for June in Duluth, MN, looks freaking ideal and ya’ll know how I love a cold marathon. (Who doesn’t?)
In non-running news, the S.O. and I went out on Saturday night and had some dranks! We went to a charity gala for the Brain Tumor Alliance. It was a 1920’s speakeasy theme and it was FABULOUS. Obviously it was also amazing for such a worthy cause. The S.O. even got into the auction bidding fun. We left with an assortment of gift cards that we will definitely be using.

Sadly, not our car.
It was so fun to dress up, even if my feet were furious at me for wearing heels after a 20 mile run. Beauty is pain, right? Once again my triathlon teammate Lindsay did my makeup (she is AMAZING) and I rented the dress from Rent the Runway. I highly recommend both!
 I hope you all had gorgeous weekends.