Nothing like the Boston Marathon to get a person all pumped up to run right? I feel like Meb won the Internet yesterday, as well as the race. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer dude. He’s got a ton of heart, not too mention speed and endurance. Congrats MEB! And congrats to everyone who raced Boston yesterday. Coach Steve did great as well! One of these days I’ll buckle down and go for that unicorn….Ironman first…
Speaking of Ironman, I decided I’d like another go at a 70.3 while I have the chance (meaning before big mileage starts in the summer). Thus, I registered for a half in May on the surface of the sun (AKA Miami). Tori mentioned the Miami Speedway 70.3 to me since she was also looking for one and we decided to race this one together. This is the first year for this particular race and venue so it’ll be interesting. The good news is that this company puts on a few other big races so they should have it together. Fingers crossed.
In addition to that 70.3 that takes place on May 25th, I’ve got the biggest local triathlon of the season on Sunday: St. Anthony’s. The cool thing about St. A’s is that there are gobs of pro’s and elites who show up to race and the after party is always so much fun. I have a sordid history with St. A’s and I’m REALLY hoping this is the year where things fall into place. Let’s take a look back shall we?
St. A’s 2011. In just reading this race report I can’t help but crack up at myself. I was SO nervous before this race. My farthest bike ride at that time was 21 miles. I was still very shaky in the clips and had no clue on bike mechanics. I had been worried about falling while clipping in and out since I was used to doing that at least a thousand times, the falling part, not the clipping part. Needless to say, I did drop my chain and had NO idea how to get it back on and then proceeded to fall at the mounting line after a kind woman stopped and put my chain on for me. I averaged 15.2 MPH on the bike that day and while my run was really good my transitions and overall bike experience were pretty hysterical.
St. A’s 2012. In 2012 I was dealing with a weird leg injury that forced me to make the early decision to DNF. I decided I’d do a swim-bike-beer that day and I wound up having a really fun time despite a rocky morning with a mediocre swim. I finally felt good on the bike and not as nervous as I had been in previous triathlons. Plus my bike went from 15.2 the year before to 17.7 MPH. I know that’s not the world’s fastest or anything but looking at the progress makes me happy.
St. A’s 2013. Last year I was coming off of a training break and I wasn’t ready to race so I joined a relay team that was in need of a runner at the last minute. I had a fun time running but was definitely itching to do this race again.
St. Anthony’s is always pretty hot so I’m ready to get my sweat on and hopefully have a well executed race regardless of my final time. I’m so looking forward to hanging out with friends and enjoying the day.
Happy Tuesday!