We’re almost a week into 2014 and so far, I’m kicking butt with my goals. I know, I know. A whole week? Damn, I’m amazing. Haha.
Let’s see, today, I slept in with a cold little pup (it was a crazy 37 degrees here in Florida this AM) and may have let him sit on the nice warm couch for a minute or two….

Lloyd loves this blanket.

Saturday morning, I went on my first outdoor bike ride in a very long time. I was so happy to meet with Patrick, Tori, and Meghan. We didn’t ride far or fast but it was perfect to shake out the legs and get ready for a big 2014 triathlon heavy season.


Meghan and I had already peeled off some layers. Tori is the smart one.

It was the S.O.’s birthday this weekend so on Saturday night we celebrated by going to THE best restaurant in Tampa, Bern’s Steakhouse. They have a DESSERT ROOM. A room for just DESSERTS. It’s heaven. And don’t get me started on the steaks. I have been logging my calories into My Fitness Pal and it was scary to enter what I ate that night. Oh well, it was totally worth it.

In the world’s most valuable wine cellar.
And finishing off what’s starting out to be a stellar 2014, I got my first book for the year. It’s already a page turner and I was sold as soon as I read it was sort of sci-fi. My inner nerd girl may have squealed.
I’m also doing pretty well with tracking all the things! Here’s hoping I can keep it up as things get hectic. I hope you all are having a great first “real” week of 2014. Catch ya on the flip flop. Stay warm!