I’d forgotten how rainy and stormy Florida gets during the summer. It seems that every afternoon this weekend we’ve been either sprinkled on or down right monsooned on. Lloyd does not enjoy the thunder and feels that it is trying to ahem, steal his thunder. Thus, he tries to out bark it. Real fun. Let me tell you.

In any event today’s hill session was supplanted by lightning and rain. I’m not ready to get my shoes all squishy for a 5 mile run. See me in a few weeks during full on marathon training.

P-Funk and I milled it and it’s quite nice to have a machine do the pacing for you. Between Saturday’s brutal-felt-vomitous-after 9 miler and yesterday’s 4-mile-gotta-walk-a-minute-too hot run, you’d think I was a whole new person today on the treadmill. I am totally still acclimating to the heat and humidity that I’d forgotten about from last summer. I’ll get through it, just gotta get used to it.

On the tri tip, I borrowed the road bike and got some excellent tips from Navy Steve. Who knew that you weren’t supposed to touch the ground while in the seat? Certainly not moi. Yeah, that’s right. No, stopping that bad boy while sitting on your duff and dragging your feet. You have to actually lean to the side and hop of the seat. Will wonders never cease?

I’ve got big dreams for this week. I’m hoping I get to ride on Wednesday after work with Navy Steve and Caribbean Steve. I need the tips and support. I’m also hoping to get in a swim on Sunday (stupid thunder stealing permitting) and I’m praying my 10 miler goes better than last Saturday’s nauseated debacle.

It’s Monday. It’s rainy. And I’ve got higher hopes for the rest of the week. When life hands you thunderstorms, just do what Lloyd does. Bark louder.