As you all know, or may suspect, my name is not actually B.o.B. My parents actually liked me enough to give me a girl’s name that is not an acronym. So in order to share the joy of being in running group, I’ll let you in on my nickname’s origin.

The Story of B.o.B.

I joined the BRA (running group) back in October and was happily the only Beth in the group. There were a couple of Steves: Navy and Caribbean. And a couple of Johns: Steel buns and Jesus. But I was the only Beth. Until about March.

It was bound to happen, a new Beth joined the group. She was younger and shorter than me. Leaving some to joke that I was “Old Beth” and “Big Beth.” I really didn’t take offense to this as I am quite comfortable with my age and height. She’s about 23 so it doesn’t take much to be older. And I’m almost 5’8. In addition, good natured ribbing is standard in our group and I give it as much as I take it.

Thus B.o.B. (Big Old Beth) was born.

Of course after a group tubing trip various meanings to B.o.B. arose, but that my friends is a whole other story…..

Happy Tuesday!