After Sunday’s murderous bike ride I was happy to head over to Plant City, for the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers (TBLB) meet up. I had heard there were going to be strawberry milkshakes and I definitely needed a little pick me up.
I have a non-blogger friend who thinks it’s funny that I go to these meet ups but as we bloggers know, they are a lot of fun and it’s always nice to meet new people. They also help bring me out of my shell. Just kidding. I was born without the shyness gene. Having gone to a few of these events now, I can honestly say I really look forward to them.
The lovely Xi, who is one of the owners of Parksdale Farm Market, invited all us lady bloggers out to the market to take a look around and enjoy the fruits (heh) of their labor. According to the website, “Parksdale Farm Market is the largest family-operated strawberry and citrus market in Florida.” This is kind of a big deal. Do you know how many strawberry and citrus farms there are in Florida? Only like ten billion.

TBLB got some crowns.
Xi gave us a tour and supplied us all with the most amazing strawberry milkshakes ever! Food Network named it America’s Best Drinkable Dessert. Mine was so delicious that it inspired me to run for Miss Strawberry Festival Queen. 
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….
Growing up in Florida I always wondered what the hell all those citrus stands were for and why would anyone buy a basket of oranges for someone when they could just go to the dang store? But of course, I now realize, not everyone is as lucky to have citrus fruits and strawberries available for most of the year. If you are one such person, I’m very sorry. However, you could always purchase them from…Parksdale Farms Market! They also have outstanding jams, jellies, and other delectable goodies.
Xi & Me
 This meet up was the perfect close to a very wacky Sunday. I had a great time seeing my good buddies and meeting some new ladies. I’d like to say thanks so much to Xi for hosting such a fun event. If you decide to order anything from Parksdale might I recommend the strawberry preserves? It’s the breakfast of champions. And of course, dee-licious.
I don’t always use matching plates and mugs, but when I do, I make sure to photograph it.

Happy Tuesday! Do you love strawberries as much as I do? Ever been to a blogger meet up?