Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! *Booming monster truck voice*

Again it’s been another whirl wind of a weekend. I must say that my 16 miler yesterday was my best long training run since I started the MCM Plan. The previous 16 miler was awful. So this time I decided to skip the G2 and just have water. It seemed to do the trick because I felt great at the end. In addition to skipping the G2 I took a sleep aid the night before. It seems that I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before my long runs and can’t sleep. I guess I am just really excited about the thought of running for 2+ hours! Or not. No idea. Anyway, the sleep aid (taken SUPER early) was also a good idea.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Kristin from BonBon Rose. I was a bit nervous because she and co-blogger Megan, write about fashion, home decor and all things pretty. Bon Bon Rose is also quite funny and relateable. They always feature affordable items and both Kristin and Megan have awesome senses of humor.

I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. If I were meeting a running blogger I could probably show up in Nike shorts and a singlet and be good. However, after meeting Kristin today I realized I probably could have shown up that way too, since she’s so down to earth. Of course she was dressed adorably, true to Bon Bon form, in a super cute maxi dress. We met for brunch and Kristin ordered some fruit and a bagel. I on the other hand ordered the right side of the menu! When I ordered my giant meal, that I think had the word feast in it, the server actually said, “Good for you!” It was delicious. Thanks Kristin for meeting up and picking a fabulous little brunch spot. Next time, bring the dude.

Have a great rest of the weekend all.