Thanks so much everyone for the training log tips. Since so many of you LOOOOVED I am going to give it a try. I only worry about becoming obsessed with it the way I did some other social networking site…which shall go un-named for fear that I re-activate my account and stalk some more. Heh. Did I say stalk? I meant post.

I tried the hills again tonight since I skipped them last week and am not feeling Old Wonky rear it’s ugly head. Yeah, the new name for my ankle is Old Wonky. Kind of like Old Yeller except it probably won’t try to eat my family members and force me to shoot it.

You think that was random?

Well get this, as I was running I kept a mental log of what thoughts were going through my head. Let me just say hellooooo Sybil. I was all over the place. I found them entertaining, as I do most of my thoughts (there goes that damn ego again) and felt that I should make you all happier people by sharing the ridiculousness of what goes on in B.o.B.’s brain.

Mile/Hill 1: Damn it’s cold. Wonder if I’ll warm up soon. My toes are cold. Oh my God what if they froze off? If they froze like that group of people did that one time, would I have to eat them to survive. Mmmm toes. EW! I am sick! Sick! Uh, oh, calm down there toe eater. Pace. Pace. Pace. Almost done with this stupid hill number one. Hope my ankle doesn’t get wonky again. Stupid old wonky ankle. Hey, that’s a funny name. Old Wonky. Old Yeller. Man that movie was sad. What a terrible kids movie.

Mile/Hill 2: Dammit I am getting lapped. Those bastards. Wonder how they got so fast. Why can’t I get faster? Ok I am getting faster. I remember reading to get faster you have to run faster. Run faster. Oh! I feel my toes! I hope that when Coach Tom gooses me he just cups my bottom as it’s very cold out here. I should have worn a hat. My giant ears are cold. I wonder if they look like car doors. Big red car doors.

Mile/Hill 3: How many should I do tonight? I guess it depends on Old Wonky. Man that’s funny. Got to put it in the blog. I miss [social networking site that shall go un-named]. I hope no one is posting anything awesome that I am missing out on. What would mine be? “Ran some hills, off to help sickly significant other.” Old Wonky check, no issues thus far. Sweetness. Eat my shoe Gangster Hills! Ok, sorry, didn’t mean it. Please don’t hurt Old Wonky.

Mile/Hill 4: Sheesh I am running too fast right now. That’ll teach me for jumping in with the speedies on their cool down. Yeah they are talking while I huff and puff. I wonder if I’ll be there some day. I am sweating now. I am so gonna freeze my tuckus off when I finish. I need more running pants and long sleeved shirts. Must get raise. Hope I don’t bomb promotion interview this week. Am I getting lapped again? Dammit!

Mile/Hill 5: Last one. Oh snap everyone is waiting for me at the end since I got here late. Must run fast. Must run fast. Coach EK is gonna be mad that I am running this fast. Old Wonky please stay away! I wonder if I can catch Coach Tom. Oh no wait, there he is. Man he is fast. I hope my next marathon is good. I hope I can keep training with my new job schedule. It’s tough getting out here after everyone. I really give it to people with families and jobs and husbands and wives. It’s hard to keep on track with all that goes on in life. Mmmm life cereal is delish. I wonder if my roomie will share his cheerios.