Kelly over at a little messed up tagged me for a photo story. The rules are go to your first photo folder and pick the 10th photo to post along with a story. I tried to follow the rules. I did. But every photo that came up was just goofy. So I picked this one. It makes me laugh and features two of my most favorite people.

These are my two besties from college. On the left is J Cru on the right is J Dubs. In this photo we are on a train in Italy going from Turin to Florence. We were starving and decided to get sandwiches from the cart. Well, J Cru and I got lovely (weird) tomato and cheese sandwiches. J Dubs detests mayo and couldn’t get the lovely (weird) one’s we got due to the mayo. She did however order a mushroom sandwich that wound up smelling like feet. She claimed it was tasty, but honestly we were so hungry at this point we probably would have eaten actual socks. Not just sandwiches that smelled like them.

Happy Saturday. I tag you Glenn Jones from The Running Fat Guy. You’re it.