I shamelessly stole this post idea from Laura over at Catching my Breath. Homegirl is an amazing runner and her blog is also awesome (hence the stealing). Head over and say Hi! Right after you read this.
Since I’m nearing my next marathon and having a weird running week, I’ve been thinking about my last marathon, the ING Miami Marathon of January 2012 (AKA The Marathon That Crushed My Soul). I went back and read my post and although I made my peace with the day, there are still lingering pangs of how great my training was and how shit the race went.
In my heart, I felt ready for a BQ. I hadn’t started with BQ thoughts when I first began running but as I got stronger, I felt I could run a 3:35. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and it definitely took a ton of training. I was super dedicated and barely missed a run.
Well, if you read that post, you’d know that day didn’t go as planned. Even though, I really, truly felt trained, I guess I should have realized that I was trained for a 3:35 in perfect conditions. I wasn’t running 7 minute miles or anything so I needed colder temps than I was given. I always feel weird saying the heat got me because I hate excuses, but the heat, more so the humidity, got me.
With Miami lingering in the back of my mind I’m not really worried about having a bad day. Not because I don’t think it could happen, it very well could, but because when I read that post, I’m reminded of how much I laughed and smiled through all of that pain. I walked. I jogged. I jalked. But, I also smiled and sucked it up and finished my sixth marathon.
Lord knows I don’t have the burning desire to BQ this go round, nor do I have the fitness right now, but I’m ok with all of this. Ultimately, in reading that post I realized there will always be shit races and shit days. I can’t stop them, I can’t predict them, but what I can do is deal with them. I’ll get to the Jacksonville Marathon finish line, goal time or not, and tell the Miami Marathon of 2012 to suck it.