Not that I am referring to myself as an old dog, but in terms of running, I’ve definitely been around the block. Wow. All of these clichés are really rude. What I’m getting at is that in changing up my routine I’m learning new things. Thus far, it has been really challenging and really rewarding. Not to mention, made me excited to blog again! New stuff to blabber about FTW!
Today, for example, I got up suuuuuper early to head to total body prehab and mobility training with Coach Jon.
 Kidding, kidding.
I’ve been going once a week to this sweat session with my training buddies and am learning so many new ways of attaining jello legs and shaky-blow dryer-arm. For the most part, this workout is different every week and every week I find new muscles that have been sleeping for a bit. Wakey, wakey core and calves!
One thing we do regularly are these partner band sprints. I have no idea what they are actually called so I’m just describing them as I see fit.
Tribal Multisport buddies working hard.

As you can see, the partner in front is running while the partner in back is providing resistance. The object of this isn’t really to use strength to pull but to use quick feet and lean forward to pull. We each took did an up and down pass three times. I was completely gassed by my third one. I got to pair up with Coach Jon for my first one and pushed myself to the heart explosion zone. (That’s a lesser known training zone. Ha.) 
A blur of pain.
Prior to these sprints we did a bunch of other exercises: lunges, glute bridges, ab and core work, and worked on balance. We also partnered up for a series of muscle resistance that focused on the legs and hips. Basically, all of this is new to me. Sure, I’ve done fitness classes and boot camps before but it’s been a while since I’ve done it so regularly and with an emphasis on running and triathlon. That’s part of the reason I really love these workouts. I know they are tailor made to help improve upon my running and over all fitness.
I can’t wait to see how I progress in these workouts as I continue going to them. I swear that planks have GOT to get easier. Right?
And that’s all she wrote. Happy Thursday guys! Only 21 days til the New Year….