Man, oh man, I am having terrible writer’s block. Gone are the days when everything in running and triathlon were new. It was all shiny and exciting and I had a blog post idea with every step out the front door. Today, I ran about 6 miles and all I have to write about that is that it’s still humid in Florida in July. The End.

But fear not, dear readers. I searched the googles far and wide and found a topic I definitely could write about. And it’s in list form, my absolute favorite. Behold! Ten things I’m loving right NOW. This could 100% change tomorrow but as I write this I’m eyeballing a Clif Bar so this list should hold true for at least a week. Ha! Here we go….

  1. Clif Bars. After the ironman, way back in 2014 (time flies!), I became quite sick of Clif Bars. In fact, until last week they made me gag a little to look at them. However, the other day when I needed a filling snack, I grabbed my go to white chocolate macadamia nut flavor and it was divine all over again. I also noticed they have a bunch of new (or new to me) flavors so I stocked up. They have a toffee caffeinated one! Say what!
  2. Fitlife Foods! While I’m on a food topic, I have been getting my lunches from a local favorite, Fitlife Foods. It’s really helped me eat much healthier for lunch. I’ve lamented in the past that I suck at food prep and I never know what to eat so I end up spending money eating out far too often. Enter, Fitlife. Every Sunday they bag up five small meals for me and I am set for the week. The small meals come to about $40 per week and that is far less expensive than eating out every day. The food is also delicious, fresh and not chock full of calories.
  3. Float Therapy. See my last post for a review on this. I can’t stop, won’t stop.
  4. Stranger Things. This Netflix TV series was a blast to watch! And it featured float pods…but not in a good way. It’s sci-fi meets Stephen King meets The Goonies. Total fun!
  5. Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The S.O. and I went to see this movie on Saturday at our favorite historical theatre and it was so sweet. It’s a comedy set in New Zealand, and if you watched Flight of the Concords or What We Do In The Shadows, you’ll recognize a few of the actors. I don’t think it’s in theaters for long so go see it. Right. Now. #RickyBaker
  6. The Beach. Ok, well apologies on this one if you’re landlocked, but I cannot get enough of the beach right now. I’ve found the perfect little beach park that is hidden and well away from the current crush of tourists nearby. I bought a new chair and have lots of books to read so I can’t wait to go again this weekend.
  7. Hydroquinone. Let me get real with y’all for a sec. I get┬ámelasma (AKA hyperpigmentation) on my forehead and upper lip (like a mustache, yay.) during the summer. Yes, I use gobs of sunscreen, but it always sneaks in. This cream from the dermatologist works really well. Do I love that I have to use it? No. But I do love that it works. I’m not going to let a little hyperpigmentation stop me from going to the beach.
  8. Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy. These three Stephen King novels were fun to read. They aren’t super heavy and I found myself waiting in anticipation for the final one, End of Watch, to come out back in June. If you are looking for an old fashioned crime drama with a signature King twist, then this series won’t disappoint.
  9. Prisma App and the Goodreads App. Totally different apps, but both worth putting on your phone. Prisma is a cool photo editing app that turns your photos into art. And Goodreads is a MUST for bookworms. It helps me keep track of what I’ve read and look for new reads. I’ve found the rating system to be helpful too.
  10. Oolong & Green Tea. I don’t know how I’m just now hopping on the tea bandwagon but I’m enjoying an afternoon cup. I like┬áthe taste of both of these teas unsweetened and I like that they have a bit of caffeine.

That’s it for now! Tell me, what are your favorite things right now?