Happy Friday everyone. We are only a few days from Christmas and I wanted to tell you early to have a great one and be safe out there. I know a lot of us run in the early morning and in the evening and this time of year brings out a lot of parties, and thus drinking and driving. So with that in mind, please be extra careful. Headlamps may be the dorkiest thing next to headgear but they could save your life.

*Steps down from soap box*
I have had a great week of training thus far (other than the whole egg incident – You a$$holes!). I am ramping up the mileage slowly but surely and have a 14 miler on deck for tomorrow. My knee and ankle are OK from my tumble down the street and the rest of me seems to be OK too. Well, maybe not my head but that is a whole other post. Wink. Wink.

I am super excited because The Redhead is coming to town! Just like Santa! And she’ll be bringing goodies by way of her usual awesomeness. In addition, the BRA is making a special trip to Bayshore for the run. It’s such a lovely run along the Bay (duh) and is part of the route for Gasparilla. A little preparation, no?

Have a great weekend you wild and crazy runners you. Ta ta.