TGIF mother beeches!

This post is going to be super scatter brained today because there is just a lot of bloggy stuff going on in Bloggy Land. I have nominated, seconded that nomination, and appointed myself Bloggy Land Mayor and have thusly given myself a key to the city. Abuse of power? Check.

As the Mayor of Bloggy Land it’s my duty to point out blogs of interest and hilarity. First up is my girl, the Redhead’s, post at our Creative Loafing blog. Ch-ch-check it out here. It’s about sex and running. WAIT! Don’t go yet, I’ve got more to tell you. Sheesh, ya sickos.

In other Redhead news, she’s having her first may-jah giveway. Bloggy Land Mayor commands that you go get your free stuff on here.

Mayor of Bloggy Land (all people of great power refer to themselves in the third person don’t you know) also wants you to go to see what Jamoosh has to say about running a marathon here. It’s hilarious and so dead on. Dead as in Phidippides dead. Oy, that was terrible, sorry.

And last but not least, Crabby McSlacker over at Cranky Fitness is doing some cool giveaways and what not here. She even addresses the article about exercise not making you thin. Think about that for a minute.

The Mayor of Bloggy Land is exhausted and now will take off her mayoral cap and return to being a lowly townie. She will also (quickly) recap her current running stats. This is, after all, a running blog. And she’ll stop talking in the third person.

I am having a much, much better week than I did last week. I have been a going-to-bed-early-eat-properly-pace-yourself-during-your-runs-non-whining-non-trouble-stirring-up-good-running-angel. Promise.

I’ve got my first 20 miler of The Plan on deck tomorrow. I think I am ready for it. Hope you all have a wonderful, delicious weekend. Enjoy those long runs peeps.

B.o.B. and Mayor of Bloggy Land, out.