Hi peeps! Sorry I missed Thankful Thursday. I bet you could barely make it through the day. Don’t worry though, I’m moving the thankfulness this week to Friday. Just go with it, mkay?
I ran a tough track workout on Tuesday and started to realize that I’m paying for not putting in more running miles during the week. Apparently, just swimming won’t account for running. Funny how that works right? Anyway, I ran six by half mile repeats and was really winded and barely holding on to the group I was assigned to run with that night. I was actually supposed to do seven 800’s but I know when to say Uncle.
Wednesday night, I was ready to resolve my low running mileage issues. It was gorgeous out. One of those not-too-hot Florida Fall evenings. We’re talking 86 degrees. That’s down right chilly. I had been going back and forth on running four or five miles but as I started running I just felt really good. I figured I could play it by ear.
I started my run heading down the always lovely Bayshore Boulevard. It runs along the bay (duh) and is filled with runners, walkers, jalkers, rollerbladers, and almost any other kind of movement a person can do on a super long sidewalk. As I ran, I listened to my iPod, which is sort of new for me. I’m typically a run without music person but Wednesday night just seem to call for it. I planned to just run. Plain and simple. No staring down my Garmin and certainly no real plan on distance.
As I ran, nothing hurt. My legs felt fine. Rested almost. I’d pass a runner here, get passed by a runner there. I just cruised at a pace that was comfortable. My mind wandered and I took in the sights and bopped my head on occasion to the music in my ears. The sights and smells of Bayshore kept me occupied as I ran. The sprawling mansions alone along the water are enough to stare at. With various architecture and seasonal decorations they are truly beautiful. The smell of the bay can be awful in some spots and quite lovely in others.
I hit the two and a half mile mark and still felt really good. I kept running.
I smiled at moms with strollers. I moved over when I heard a beach cruiser coming along. I laughed at dogs dragging their humans to “run faster!” A few fish jumped around and a few hungry gulls and pelicans happily snapped them up in their beaks and bills. The water lapped against the bay wall and I smiled that goofy, “I love a good run” smile.
By the time I reached the four mile mark, I knew I’d run six miles and feel just as good at the finish of this run as I did at the start. My car came up on me quicker than I would have liked. I wanted to run more, but didn’t want to be greedy and anger the running Gods who had just delivered a perfect run.
Today, I’m thankful for perfect runs. What are you thankful for?

I hope you all have great weekends. Big shout out to my buddies doing Rev3, MCM, and Miami 70.3! I’ll be in Miami  spectating and holding up ridiculous signs. If you’re racing this weekend – remember, pain is temporary. Internet results are forever!