Thursday already? My goodness this week is going by fast! I’m in a great mood and looking forward to an amazing weekend of training. Not only am I going to get good quality time with Dolly, I’m also going to get to hang out with one of my favorite bloggy friends – KC from 140.6 Miles of Awesome! Can you say sushi and fro-yo? What? We don’t always just workout…

In other good news I had a really great session at PT today. Both the PT and I are starting to think this Hampton issue may be more of a tendinitis deal than an actual strain. It seems to be moving around the general area and when she massaged my leg it was tighter and more painful on the tendon running behind my knee than the actual hamstring. She did some ultrasound and some electrical stimulation that had me calling Hampton “Franken-leg.” Fortunately, my leg feels much better today and I’m seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray!

I’m certainly thankful for all of the above but what I’m specifically thankful for today is health insurance. I’m sorry this isn’t one of my more “fun” thankful ideas but it’s really come in handy the past few weeks. In addition to Hampton, I thought I had strep throat last week. Turns out, I’m just a food hoarder.

I went to the doctor due to the worst sore throat I’ve ever had only to find out that I had food stuck in my tonsil. Apparently, we have pockets in our tonsils where food can get stuck. Yes folks, I’m a food hoarder. Oh the jokes about this “tonsil pocket” of mine will go on forever I’m sure. Yes, I store gels there. Yes, I can save some for later. Yes, I’m a chipmunk. Etc. Feel free to add some in the comments. I am almost sure I’ve heard them all.

If I didn’t have health insurance and good health insurance, I might add, I wouldn’t be able to get all this weirdness checked out. I seem to be going through a go-to-the-doctor-a-lot phase and it’s much less expensive than if I didn’t have insurance or if I had to pay for it on my own.

Without getting into the whole health insurance debate, I’m just happy to have what I have and work at a company that provides really great benefits. Especially since I’m a storing up snacks for the winter. Heh.

What are you thankful for today?