It’s so close to Friday I can smell it! It smells like chlorine, a long run, and a trip to see some friends in Orlando. But first, let’s get our thankful on!

I love Halloween and I’ve had my decorations up since last month. I can’t help it. Cute and creepy things make me smile. Except that creepy guy I saw at the CVS before I ran last night, he was just creepy, sans the cute.

While I’m not a huge candle person, I do LOVE the Halloween decorations they have at Yankee Candle. The two below are the cute and creepy version of the painting American Gothic. As soon as I saw this last season I had to have it. I’m so thankful for awesome Halloween decorations that make me smile every time I see them.

Remember when KC thought up the DWYLLC? Well, since I was such an over achiever and got in my five bike rides in one week, as soon as she set the rules, she made me a little something as a “prize.” Being the crafty gal that she is, she made me an anklet from bike chain pieces. How cute is that? (Not creepy at all but I still love it!) Please note my amazing stripey Injinji toe socks.

Thanks so much KC! I’ll wear it with pride knowing that I am getting closer to being a real cyclist. I’m super thankful for you and my sweet anklet! Please head over and give KC some love cause she’s got a BIG race coming up. I’m so excited for her.

And lastly, I’m so thankful for this book:

Big Sis bought me this book after she saw it on The Today Show. Even though the Ironman dream is far, far away for me (um, 112 miles on the bike!?!?) this book makes it seem doable for the average Joes. It’s an easy to read book that is just so inspiring. It’s actually been making my eyeballs sweat. Heh. I only have a chapter or two to go and I’m looking forward to reading how everyone does. I recommend picking it up even if you’ve never completed a triathlon because the stories make you feel good and that’s always nice.

So what are you thankful for today?