This morning I woke up in a better mood than I have been in for quite some time now. That whole grumpiness thing is non-running related but I feel as though a lot of it has been worked out, hillside pep talk and all. (Yes, I get grumpy and grouchy. I try to keep the blog upbeat but I’m still human and have those days.)

I hit up the Parkway with P-Funk, the Reporter, and Kris10 to run some intervals this morning. And I am super happy to report that my 800 meter repeats went very well. Granted I had four on deck so I think a better judge will be when I get to six and seven of those bad boys. However, it’s the little confidence boost that I needed. I practically skipped into my house after I unlocked the door.

This leads me to my not-so-deep Thankful Thursday.

Today I’m thankful for working things out. I’m thankful for partners who listen as well as vent. I’m thankful for getting over the grumpiness. I’m thankful for girlfriends who send you baskets of junk food because they know you’ve been grumpy. I’m thankful for intervals that make you believe in your ability again. I’m thankful for new gals in the running group who are great additions. I’m thankful for laughing in the middle of the night because a hanging shirt looked like a scary something before my eyes adjusted. I’m thankful for little dogs. I’m thankful for sisters who don’t ever judge. I’m thankful for new blog friends who are wonderful and email me random and hilarious things. I’m thankful for becoming closer with folks I didn’t know too well before. And I’m thankful for rabbits.

What are you thankful for?