Happy Thursday friends! You know what I love about a blog? You can post ridiculous videos of yourself looking completely BUSTED after a mile long swim in the ocean! And you can totally brag about living in Florida and driving over the super cool Sunshine Skyway Bridge, all while trying not to careen over the side of it. Ah, the blog. How I love thee.

I’ve been meaning to get in my OWS (Open Water Swim) and I had the perfect opportunity with the St Pete Mad Dogs tri group. So I headed out there and swam a mile all while zig zagging in front of other swimmers and drinking a few mouthfuls of salt water. It was great!

I’m super thankful today to live in Florida and enjoy being so close to the lovely beaches. Even if it does mean driving alongside folks who have crazy ish written on their cars. I know people are pretty upset about the Casey Anthony thing, but really? You had to write this on your car? In case you can’t read it, it says “Casey Anthony Rot in Hell.” It made me laugh and fortunately, I had my camera to show you all the joys of driving in Florida.

It’s taper week, again, and I’m really looing forward to my race on Sunday. I’m hoping this little OWS was just what I needed to get mentally ready for all the nutty kicking and splashing that comes with the triathlon. Now if only I could get a bit better on the bike…ah. Baby steps.

What are you thankful for today?