Today’s Thursday is epic for me. I am leaving work at eleven with my co-workers to head to the Tampa Bay Rays game! Then, since it’s Cinco de Mayo and all, I’m gonna go find myself a fiesta and have muchas cervezas.

Ay dios mio! I’m so thankful for the aforementioned items I can scarcely take it! All this Spanglish talk makes me think of these guys…

I am thankful for this holiday, whose history I am not quite sure of (Note to self: Wiki Cinco de Mayo). I am thankful for leaving the office to go watch baseball – for free I might add. And I’m thankful I am one week away from seeing Red and Spike and all the rest of my bloggy buddies running the Cleveland Marathon & Half! Woot!

It’s a great day to be livin’ la vida loca!

So tell me amigos, what are you thankful for today?