Since I got to spend TWO full days at a marathon expo, I’m happy to report that I am thankful for the chance to view tons of running swag. From light up arm bands to really cool ice wraps, I got to see a lot of new gear that I am going to test out.

Thus today, I am thankful for the marathon expo.

Some folks have a “get in, and get out” mentality when it comes to the expo. But not me. I’m a shopper. I love walking the expo and looking at the cool stuff. In fact, when I got home from DC and checked my bank account I wondered if I had purchased a new car. Yikes!

Rather than cram all of these neat new items into one post I’m going to spread them out so they can each get the attention they deserve. I’ll start with Arctic Ease. This is a really freakin’ cool product. If you click on the link it’ll tell you about this is a cryotherapy wrap that you don’t need to refrigerate. They were just handing out samples at the expo and I grabbed a few. Folks walking around the expo were buzzing about them. It was like the most popular girl in school, without the reputation…ha ha.

After MCM on Sunday as I hobbled toward the Metro there was the Arctic Ease tent like a desert oasis. And guess what? They were wrapping runners up for free wherever they hurt. I actually asked if they could do my whole body like a mummy but the guy just laughed. I guess he thought I was joking.

Anyway, they wrapped up my right knee where my IT band was smarting and it was like a cold compress that I didn’t have to mess with. I wore it until I got to the hotel an hour later and then put it back in it’s little pouch with some water. And it’s ready to go again! Seriously. These wraps are the bomb. Yes, 1990 called and they want that phrase back. I think you all should take a look at these little guys. They are B.o.B. approved.

What are you thankful for today?