Happy Thursday peeps! I’m getting pretty freakin’ excited about MCM (Marine Corps Marathon). Since I’m all patriotic and such I’m going to share with you all some of the reasons that I am thankful to be an American. *Queue Lee Greenwood*

Ready? AttenTION!

1. Men in uniforms. Ok, ok, ok. So they are serving our country and that’s pretty damn awesome in itself, but huuuullllooooo….uniforms. Swoon!

2. Freedom of Speech. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the First Amendment. Why, only in America could some nut job woman write an entire blog about running and include mentions on how cute men look in uniforms and Big Bird. (Dudes, if you are looking for a Halloween costume this year, pick a uniform. Ladies love ’em. Oh, unless it’s prison issue, then maybe, notsomuch.)

3. Hot dogs. I’ve yet to meet a hot dog I didn’t like. And yeah, I know they are a bit strange, but so is buying underwear online and we do that all time too. Plus they are just delicious. Mmmm hot dogs mmmm….

4. Social Equality. I’m a woman and I can vote! I can also drive a car, wear whatever I like, work whatever job I want, and remain unmarried, childless, and boyfriendless forever! Yay! No. Wait. Now I’m sad. 5. Sports, duh. You have to admit that our sporting events are very cool. From watching the World Series to the Superbowl we do have lots of ways to celebrate athleticism. Lest we forget college sports. GO GATORS! And, ahem, there’s always the glory of track and field.

6. This guy.

7. Home. Most American homes are nice places to be. I, for one, love that when I’m out of town for a while (and yes, I’ve been out of the country and enjoyed it) I’m always thrilled to get home, squeeze Lloyd and jump in my bed.

8. The tourist stuff. The Statue of Liberty, Stone Mountain, Key West, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Mall of America, Broadway, Gatlinburg, Dollywood, Disney, Yosemite, Brandon, The White House, The Met, this list could go on and on….

9. Rock N Roll. However you take your rock n roll – either Elvis or Marilyn Manson or Tom Petty – it rules in America. Just take those old records off the shelf…. 10. These dudes. No need to introduce them or the countless others who serve, we know who they are.
Tell me peeps, why are you thankful to be an American?