Let me start by saying that you guys and gals are totally effing amazing. The feedback I got on the shoes was awesome! I made a purchase and will wait until my new mode of transportation arrives to fill you all in what I wound up doing. And yes, a couple of your suggestions led me in a particular direction. (Except for yours TNT Coach Ken! And yes I am that tall! Were you on the runner’s high when we met?) Stay tuned. Hopefully, my new lovelies will arrive soon.

I know you all are thinking “get on with already!” What’s today’s thankful Thursday? Well hold your horses, ya maniacs. Today’s Thankful Thursday helps the ol’ B.o.B.-o stay healthy in the poop chute. Yay poop! (Please avert your eyes if you don’t want to read about poop. Or more specifically me pooping, cause you know girls don’t poop and stuff. Well, except for you Mrs. Shut Up and Run.) In fact, studies say that yogurt helps promote a healthy digestive tract (whatever that means). Not to mention that it has lots of calcium and protein that we all need.

So, all of the above being said, I was looking for a non-sugary yogurt and couldn’t bring myself to eat those yucky low-fat/low-sugar watery ones when sure enough Big Sis comes through. Big Sis introduces me to ….ta dah… FAGE All Natural Nonfat Greek Strained Yogurt. Yes, it’s plain, BUT if you mix in a Splenda or two it’s delish! It’s thick and creamy and the Splenda gives it a hint of sweet. They also make a version that comes with fruit you mix in, but I haven’t had that one yet.

Try it. I promise it’s yummy.

Today I am thankful for:

What are you thankful for today?