Thanks everyone for the insights into why I am having a “case of the Rundays.” Heh. Get it? Anyway, I am going to chalk it up to the weather and being overly cautious.

My medium long run today was tough. I think I went out too fast as I often do and felt pretty winded by mile 4. But, like a good runner, I kept on keepin’ on and finished that bad boy. Seven miles in the bank beeches!

During my run at the exact same place where the egg throwing incident occurred, I passed many kids at bus stops this morning. One group was barely talking and was made up of mostly well dressed tween girls. Yet another group seemed to be mostly boys wearing camo jackets. Odd.

As I got up to another I saw a small group of girls huddled close and behind them about three boys throwing what appeared to be acorns at them. I instantly flashed back to being a girl at the bus stop. I remember being hit with little rocks and annoyed by stupid boys as we waited for the hot cheese wagon. God did that suck. You couldn’t pay me to go back to middle school.

As I ran by, the acorn bandits decided to try their luck at hitting me with the acorns. I love kids. Not. Wouldn’t you know it? These little f*ckers couldn’t throw for sh!t. As the acorns fell around me, I chuckled and yelled over my shoulder, “You throw like a girl!”

Yes, that is how mature I am.

At my yelling the girls started laughing and telling them “Ha ha! She said you throw like a girl!” Victory was mine after all these years.

Today, I am thankful for being an adult (who just acts like a child sometimes).

What are you thankful for today?