Since I don’t officially start my new job until tomorrow I have been lounging about. I did some laundry, some grocery shopping, watching bad day-time TV and maybe a little online shopping….well I online window shopped if you will.

A few weeks ago the lovely folks at Thriv ( sent me a long sleeved shirt to test out. I am not sure if you all know this, but it’s still pretty warm here in the F-L-A and thus I have not had the chance to really run in it. I have, however, been wearing it to lounge and launder because it’s just so freakin’ soft!

Anyway, I looked at their website and mosied over to Sports Authority where they sell it and most of their products looks like high quality stuff. Their products are natural and use bamboo and organic cotton, stuff I can feel good about wearing! It has all the moisture-wicking and anti-microbial goodness you’d expect, but seriously, the softness is out of control.I really appreciate apparel companies that use natural fabrics and strive to be high performance quality at the same time. Today, I am thankful for Thriv and their products. Head over their site and check em out. Also, check out this review from another blogger, Kim’s Running.

What are you thankful for today?