Now that the election hubbub is finally over we can all go back to what’s truly important in our day-to-day lives. And we can finally watch TV free of political ads and full of ads on feminine hygiene products. Hooray tampons! Yay wings! Hallelujah FDS!
Sorry about that. Where was I?*
Oh yes. Getting back to the important day-to-day goings on in our lives and being thankful for them. I know that some of you are very upset about the election and some of you are extremely happy about the election. To all of you I say let’s work together and focus on the positive. We live in a country where we can voice our opinions and watch television commercials on everything from bad breath in dogs to an insurance lady who wears super bright red lipstick and is equal parts cute and obnoxious. Seriously, what is her strange appeal?
I’m clearly not very political and I really don’t appreciate the flat out rudeness that comes with the election every four years but I am thankful for free speech and the right as Americans (that’s pronounced ‘Mericans!) to write blogs about all sorts of nonsense while not being afraid of persecution. It’s your right to be a jerk face if you want. You can host a blog called “America Sucks and so does Lance Armstrong” if you choose to do so. It may end up resulting in a black eye (violence is not a right), it’s certainly better than being in a nation that locks you in a hole for eleventy thousand years for saying something that isn’t inline with your government.
So if you woke up yesterday really depressed about the future of ‘Merica just remember you can freely bitch about for four more years! And on the other hand, if you were super duper happy yesterday, you can say you picked the winner for four more years!**
Today, I’m thankful for free speech. And wings! What are you thankful for?
*Sorry there is not a single mention of running in this post.
**Please oh plesae don’t start a political dialogue in the comments. I can take no more.