Today I am thankful for Coach EK. After writing my BQ Madness post the other day, I was a bit worried that I would offend some of my running group or readers. As some of you know I like to be liked and I love my running group. That being said my post was just to get some feelings out and I want to make sure all my friends (bloggy, running, random homeless guy, etc.) know that they have my full support in any endeavor they set out to achieve. I sincerely, apologize to those whom I have offended. It was certainly not my intent, and the post was more about my frustration.

I am thankful that Coach EK sent me this email with a great perspective. I am also thankful that he is allowing me to post it here. Thanks Coach EK.


Much to say, hope you have to the time to read it. 🙂

Your blog from Tuesday (BQ Madness) really struck a chord with me. And that’s a good thing. If a writer writes, and does NOT get a reaction, then it does not make someone think. And your blog did. So no issues with that.

My first thoughts were sarcastic, then non-understanding, then offense. Fortuatley, I did not put any of those down, as I would have regretted it (one of the reasons I am not on Facebook). What I did finally decide was to tell you a story (too long for the blog). Here goes:

My BQ story became much more than a quest to conquer a time on the clock. It became
the realization that I have wonderful, great friends around me. At the time we decided to try for this number, it was Coach T, Navy Steve, K and myself. No one else. V was around, but not the runner she is today. She was moral support.

Anyway, at the time, my life was turning into a mess. My girlfriend at the time dumped me, my job sucked, and my parents were sick. In other words life was tough. The only thing that was going well was my friends. And what friends they were. They helped me through with advice, wisdom, and help. They kept my spirits up, and kicked my butt when needed. Training became more than running – it became a refuge from life.

(We interrupt this story for your phone call).

(Now back to our regular programming).

As time went on, I discovered that I was not alone. And that I could overcome anything.

The race? Went off like clockwork. BQ in the bag with minutes to spare. But the BQ became secondary. Having these people, these friends around were more important than the race. I have never cried after a race. But when V was at the end with roses for each of us, I got teary-eyed. And the post-race picture is the only one I have in my home office. 4 competitors who got the job done. But, more importantly, people who to this day would do anything for each other.

So what did I discover? That BQ is more than a number, more than a goal, more than an
accomplishment. It’s a journey of discovery, and be careful. You never know what you
might find.

Thanks for listening.
Coach EK

What are you thankful for today?