What’s up peeps? I hope you all had awesome Independence Days. I’m posting this from DC and currently have a much healthier Graham lying under my feet. I’m sure he is so happy to be feeling so much better and his parents are so thankful and also, very happy.
I got to DC on Tuesday and still had not heard back on my MRI results. I was about to lose all faith in my doctor when he called as I was chatting with Katie. He let me know that my MRI showed nothing. Not one single thing. Hamstring and surrounding area are totally fine. What. The. Hell. 
As I made crazy faces on the phone to Katie while my doctor explained I could take the results to an ortho to futher examine, I couldn’t really fathom there being nothing wrong. I mean, I’m not a big fat faker and lord knows all I have wanted to do is run. But there IS pain. And I was afraid I’d run and make my “fake” injury worse.
I want to be happy about it but after Katie and I ran and swam yesterday, it’s grouchy. We ran a super easy three-ish miles and I’m nervous about how it’s going to feel on my coach recommended five mile long run.  
The above being said, yes, I’m happy it’s not torn but I’m not happy that it still hurts. I know that something is not right. I’m going to go to another PT to see if fresh eyes can figure out what this pain is and how I can fix it. And in the meantime, I’m going to run. 
I feel as though I’ve been woken up in a way because prior to that doctor call I’d been half-assed training. A ride here, a swim there. No run. No real healthy eating. And definitely no spreadsheet action. At least now I can get my head on straight and really prepare for Augusta.
Today I’m thankful for a clean MRI, a healthy Graham, a happy and relieved Katie & Thom. 
What are you thankful for today?