Happy Thursday folks! I initially wanted Lloyd to help with choosing the winner of the Arctic Ease giveaway but he said since no one actually sent bacon he wanted no part of it. Go figure.

Anyway, I used the old Randomizer and the top two names on the list will be receiving their sweet Arctic Ease prize packs via snail mail, since I can’t actually send real stuff over the interwebs…yet…

And the winners are:

That would be Heather from Junk Miles, which is a super funny blog, by the way AND Christopher. Send me your addresses please and I’ll get you your cool relief. Thanks to Arctic Ease for getting me cool stuff to review and giveaway! Now on to the thanking….I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I love the blog community but I felt I really needed to give it it’s own special shout out. Looking back at when I started this whole blogging business I was so worried that I’d post stuff and folks would be mean or negative. It was the Redhead who talked me into it and we’ve really come a long way from when we both started. I love her for talking me into it. And fortunately, I’ve found that the “running & tri” blogosphere has been nothing but supportive and friendly. I’ve made so many friends, cyber & real live, that I can scarcely thank this medium enough. While some people scoff at the blog and say its a narcissistic hobby I think we all know better. It’s truly a great way to connect and share ideas and in the mean time have a blast. I am hoping to have a great 2011 blogging year.Today, I’m thankful for the blog. What are you thankful for?