In looking at my Daily Mile profile I realized that I haven’t had a non-workout day in a full week. I’ve actually gone for a run the past five days in a row. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting all cracked out on running again. I can’t help it. Once a runner, always a runner. That being said, I think it’s time for a rest day. Bikram yoga last night helped soothe my muscles, but today calls for not a damn thing. Woot!
As I mentioned, I am running a lot lately but I know that come tri season I’ll be annoyed at my craptacular bicycling skills. My poor Dolly is just sitting in the corner looking pitiful. I fully intend on getting a ride in this weekend. Please hold me to it.
Speaking of holding me to it, it’s time for a challenge. I rarely participate in the bloggy challenges that go around because I’m so non-committal, but this one is special. It’s special because none other than our very own BAMF KC created it. She came up with it on request by a few friends. I’m always grateful to have a challenge for the month of December when there are so many goodies around. There’s a few other bloggers that are joining in the fun. Wanna play? Here’s the details:
December Challenge
At least one mile a day for the entire month of December, running or walking. (Mall walking doesn’t count!) There’s no reason that I know of, that I can’t run at least one mile everyday. Even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there’s a little down time. The plus side of this is that on your run days, you’ve got that mile built in. It’s the rest days that will be tough.
I’ll post it again on December 3rd so let me know if you’re in and I’ll link you up!  
Today, I’m thankful for fun challenges with friends. What are you thankful for?