Hi B.o.B. fans! First I’d like to say I am thankful to B.o.B for allowing me to be a guest blogger in her space today. Thanks, lady!

Generally, I do not like to stereotype, but in this case I think it’s safe to say that runners love food. Many are obsesssed with it. We plan for it as fuel before a run, we ponder our next meal during a run, we blame it during a not-so-good run, we crave it after a hard run, and we reward ourselves with it after a very long run.

We carb load. We carb deplete. We count calories. We avoid fat. We splurge.

Most runners will tell you that they think about how each morsel that goes into their mouth will affect their next run.

Personally, I have a constant battle with food. I need enough of it to fuel my body so I can run strong, but I can’t eat too much or I’ll gain weight and be slow and sluggish. I adore food. I hate food. I can’t get enough of it. I avoid it. I find ways not to think about it. I can’t stop thinking about it. I have been miserably full, and I have been ravishingly hungry.

Last night on my drive home from the office, I thought about what I’d have for dinner as I passed five people holding up signs with variations of messages about hunger. Probably scammers, I thought. Or maybe they are really hungry. But it’s easier on my conscience to think they’re scammers. Who really know?

But it made me think about food and the role it plays in my life.

While I diet, count calories, and obsess about food, there are others in this world who would be grateful for one square meal a week. More than 1 billion people in this world are malnourished, and thousands of people die of hunger each year.

I am so lucky. I have all the food I want and more. I consume so much of it that I could stand to lose 5 or so pounds. There is enough food in my kitchen to feed a family of four for weeks. I don’t clip coupons, and I buy whatever I want at the grocery store with complete disregard for price. Same thing with restaurants.

As runners we constantly hear, “You’re so lucky. You can eat whatever you want. You’ll just run it off.” Well, I am here to tell you, this runner does not eat whatever she wants.

But they do have one part right: I do eat, therefore I’m lucky!

Today I am thankful for food. What are you thankful for?