I couldn’t get to my blog yesterday. I was a busy bee at the office and went promptly to track after work. Then I had a most hilarious post track dinner with my running group (the BRA). We went to a new-ish place that a couple of us had only gone to once before. I suggested it. Unfortunately, it was karaoke night and we had to shout over bad versions of Barry Manilow. It was hysterical and I’m pretty sure I never get to pick the restaurant again.

So that is why I missed Thankful Thursday. In any event, I figure I can be just as thankful on Friday as I am Thursday so here go.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I’m not naturally athletic. Nope. I actually have to work very hard at stuff. I’ve always liked to run. I ran track in junior high (what they now call middle school). I always played kickball during phys ed and I dabbled in basketball. Or should I say dribbled? Ha Ha. Then, of course, I found swimming. I loved it.
Along the way I needed a lot of help with these activities. Not being a natural athlete, I had to rely on these awesome people called coaches. I’m sure we’ve all had some coaching one point or another in our lives. These people often love sports and kids are usually there to help us. Granted some of them get a little too involved with wanting us to win, but fortunately I never had a bad coach.

My favorite coach was actually my track coach in middle school. She also happened to coach the girl’s basketball team that I took a stab at. While I was no where near as good as the girls who started during the games, I was pretty good at track. She knew this and helped me focus on track and just have fun at basketball. She was always there to listen and never made me feel bad when I was having an off day.
Currently, I have several “coaches”. Coaches EK, Tom, and V are all certified running coaches and have tons of knowledge. Coach EK made my training plan for Gasparilla and that race could not have gone better. I have a couple of friends in the group who have become my unofficial tri coaches and I can’t express how helpful they’ve been during this transition to the tri. (Thank you Navy Steve!)

So, today, I am thankful for coaches.

Since it’s Friday and I’m mixing it up already, tell me, who was your favorite coach?
TGIF and have a great holiday weekend everyone.