(Van peeps raising the roof)
I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned how much I love Ragnar. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a relay that’s held in several states and as part of team you run across whichever state you sign up for.

Last year I had the BEST time ever on my Ragnar team and I’m soooooo looking foward to doing it again. Me, Red (Caution: Redhead Running), is on the same team and that pretty much equals madness.

I am super thankful to be able to do this race that this is what I’m thankful for today. I’m also thankful that my team, Half Nuts, is full at this time.

That hardest part about Ragnar is finding 12 people who are crazy enough to run across the state. Thus, my running friends need some help.

Currently there are teams that have some slots available for the Florida Central Ragnar Relay (November 19 – 20) and I am putting this out there to see if anyone wants to join a team. There are obviously some costs involved and I can give you all the details if you like.

The teams are all different and here’s how they break down:

Ultra Team: 6 Runners Only so it means 23 or more miles. Coach EK is on this team.

40+ Masters Team: Coach Tom is on this team and you must be 40 years or older to be on this one. I think they specifically need a female to round out the team.

Regular Mixed Team: I’m pretty sure they have more than one spot available.

(To learn more about Ragnar go HERE.)

If any of you peeps is interested, either let me know in the comments or via email. It really is a fun time. Be prepared to be a little sleepy and punch drunk at the end. The best part is that you get to run on a team and work toward a group goal where as we are normally so focused on our own finish times. I can also attest that these teams are already made up of fun, mostly normal folks.

What are you thankful for today?