Alright, so yesterday I was home sick, but today I’m feeling much better. And guess what? I learned a lot of useful things while staying home. Ok, not really useful but at least worth a Thankful Thursday post about things to do while at home sick. Oh and guess what? I’m thankful for all of these silly things.

P.S. I totally wrote this post yesterday. Heh.

Things To Do While Home Sick:

1. Foam roll with your dog. You’re sick and you don’t have anything else to do. Foam roll away!

2. Read a high fashion magazine with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover even if you don’t looooove her and decide that you’d still rather spend two grand on a bicycle then some fur-trimmed purse. Lloyd is anti-fur. This is him giving me “the look.”

3. Re-paint your fingernails. I know that this list is getting girlier by the moment but dudes, whenever I say do such-and-such that’s girly just insert “rub some dirt in it.”

4. Rent a movie on demand. I rented Jane Eyre mostly because I like the girl in it from Alice in Wonderland. And yes, I love a gothic Bronte romance. So sue me. It was that or the animated film about birds and quite frankly birds freak me out a little. They give NO warning before they attack. At least dogs growl. Uh…where was I? Oh yeah, Jane Eyre. It’s worth renting for sure.

5. Catch up on a shit-ton of blogs. If I didn’t comment on yours, don’t worry, I probably read it and had some trouble commenting. What’s up with that? It wouldn’t let me comment on some of them I swear. Blogger is dumb sometimes. I also read one of my favorite pro’s blog. You can see what Mere is up to here.

6. Work on perfecting the jewel-tone smokey eye. Dudes, this is where you insert “rub some dirt in it.” Yes, that is my bathing suit looking all sad in the shower behind me. Geez, even IT looks sick. Heh.

7. Go to CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, or Duane Reade and cough your way through all the fun aisles. Half of the people in there are sick anyway and I know for a fact that the ones in my home town were because they were almost completely out of Mucinex! Besides just needing meds and mags, I just absolutely love drugstores. Since we only have CVS and Walgreens here I’m all about the other ones when I travel. I made Red take me to a Rite Aid when I visited Michigan. She thought I was nuts. But, just like a way less creepy truck stop, you can find very entertaining things at the drug store.

8. Clean. I totally didn’t do this but it’s nice to know it was an option. I’m sure I would have been thankful that I did it but meh. Just wasn’t feeling it.

9. Nap, duh?

10. Write a few blog posts. This is a personal favorite of mine because sometimes trying to fit in a workout, blog post, and work can be tricky.

Quite honestly, even though I am still sick, I’m glad I took the day off. I notice some co-workers coming in and sounding terrible. I don’t work at a hospital and people aren’t going to die if I miss a day. I’ll only be spreading my germs.

I’ll definitely have lots of emails to catch up on but I think getting better and staying home is so much more important. I’m thankful for being able to have a sick day and do the above mentioned things. I’d rather be running, but for the time being I’m thankful for health insurance and paid sick days, especially when I need them.

What are you thankful for today?

By the way, head over to Today’s Health for a $30 Dick’s Sporting Good give away! There’s something to be thankful for!