Ladies and Gentlemen, as a warning this blog post may will contain adult subject matter unsuitable for those under 18 (but over 75). And it may also contain subject matter that may creep you out, gross you out, make you chuckle, or make you run to your local grocery store. It may also make you consult your: local teenager, pastor, best friend, waxer, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, soul mate, sole mate, and/or dog.

Today’s Thankful Thursday has to do with… hair removal.

OK people, this may come as a shock to some of you but people now a days are… how shall I put this? Um. Well. Gee. Uh.


Down there.

You know. Down There?

I myself, like to be properly groomed and it is very important during the summer months when we spend a lot of time in bathing suits. You know, for tri’s and swimming. And running in those super short shorts. Oh and washing the car in your bikini.


Now that you know about my quest for a hair-free/bump-free bikini line (TMI? See, I warned you!) I might as well tell you what I am thankful for today. Here it is:

Please note that it says: “Formulated For Black Men To Help Stop Razor Bumps.”Here’s the low down on the down low. (Hee hee, get it?) I was talking with my sister the other day and I mentioned how I hate razor bumps. I have used a regular razor, AKA The Bump-O-Matic. I have used Nair, AKA The Burn-O-Matic. Plus I have been waxed, AKA The Holy-Mother-of-God-This-Hurts-Like-Hell-O-Matic. I am too cheap poor for laser removal, so that is out. And that weird mitt that I see on TV just really looks to me like sand paper. You aren’t fooling me, made for TV product guy! So, my older and wiser sister (Had to throw in that older part. Heh.) told me about this very inexpensive powder created for Black men and razor bumps. I know it’s intended for their beards but I Do What I Want. I’ve gotta say it smells something awful. Kind of like a perm. (Which on further thought should I be putting perm smelling paste down there? Oh well.) Needless to say it works wonderfully and at $2.50 it’s a steal! Hm. I wonder if they are hiring for PR work. I know some of you are going to run out and buy it. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.
What are you thankful for today?