Oh Thursday…have I ever thanked you before? No? Oh my goodness! I must apologize, because I truly am thankful for you. You bring us all one day closer to Friday and that is an amazing gift. I am also thankful for the following:

1. This SUPER cute beach towel from Old Navy. I’ll be taking it to Key Largo with me next month. (Is May summer? Cause I’m totally adding that to the Summer of B.o.B.)
2. Trips to the Keys. Nuff said.3. Custom B.o.B. made CD’s. I LOVE making CD’s. I’ll make em for anyone. I pretend I am a DJ and will make anyone who wants one a CD. No really. Let me know.4. Tiger Woods. Er, wait, how’d he get in here? Not thankful for him. (Just trying to see who will end up here whilst googling for that train wreck.)5. Freakonomics. Ok, so I’m a little late to read this book as so many of you have already, but it’s so very interesting. 6. Cuban sandwiches. Cuban coffee. Cuban bread toast. All food Cuban makes me drool.7. Strawberry E. She is the sweetest person I think I’ve ever met and she always has strawberries. Thanks E!8. Jack Johnson. Swoon.9. My job. It’s not only paying the bills (Lloyd has a bad online shopping habit. “You bought 40 pairs of Kanye’s shutter sunglasses?!?!”), but it’s also quite entertaining. 10. Speed work. It’s back on with me and the speed and oh how I’ve missed it. So, what are you thankful for today?