Today I am thankful for progress. As in moving forward, development and growth, and steady improvement.

Without progress we wouldn’t have the Internet. We’d still be going to the library. I apologize if this offends some of you, but I really don’t care about the library. I can’t sit at the library in my old pajamas, t.v. blaring, while eating pickles and petting my dog, the attack terrier Lloyd. And worst of all, no Internet = no blogging.

Without progress we wouldn’t have electricity, aviation, indoor plumbing, and good safe-for-the-most-part road systems. We wouldn’t have a national parks system, roller coasters, or marathons in every state. We wouldn’t have movie theaters, IPODs, or toe socks. (We wouldn’t have as much pollution either, but that’s another blog altogether.)

And for me, without progress, I wouldn’t continue to train and toil six days a week at this running thing. I’m happy to report that thus far I am hitting all my days and paces*. I ran all 5 hills on Monday, 5 mile recovery on Tuesday, 7 mile MLR yesterday, and am going to tackle the Ring of Fire today, and a 14 miler on Saturday. Why? Because I am seeing the benefits: getting faster, feeling stronger, and I love a good strawberry banana energy gel in the morning.

Mind you, I am only about three weeks in, but I am seeing progress. And, as Martha Stewart (who I am mildly afraid of) would say, that’s a good thing.

*My paces aren’t super fast, so I’m only sort of hard core. Still working on that. 😉

What are you thankful for today?