It’s Friday eve and I’ve got so much to be thankful for today. It’s list time!

Today I’m thankful for:

1. Basketball and Will Ferrell. As a basketball fan I love that the NBA finally got it’s collective head out of it’s rear and is playing again. As a Will Ferrell fan I love that he announced the line-up for the Bulls-Hornets game.

2. My BIL. I am so thankful that my sister met such an amazing man in her hubs, M. Not only is he going to be amazing dad but he has one of the most admirable and coolest jobs ever, he’s an Air Force pilot.

3. Bank fraud security. Yesterday someone tried to buy a bus ticket in England on my dime. Bollocks! Thankfully my bank caught it and stopped the transaction.

4. One week until I see Red and Spike!

5. One week until I may see some snow! Please snow Michigan!

6. Flo Rida. He’s the after Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon concert. I’m pretty stoked about this and hope to “get a good feelin…”

7. Finally going to see The Artist tomorrow night at a historic old theatre. What better place to see a silent film right? The movie has received rave reviews and I love seeing as many of the Oscar noms as I can. (By the way Midnight in Paris was fabulous!)

8. Only three months to go until I meet my godson and nephew, Baby R!!!!!

9. The team name for my upcoming relay: Just the Tip. Heh.

10. My birthday. You still have 14 shopping days!

What are you thankful for today?