On my quest to become a cyclist, or at least someone who doesn’t fall off the bicycle repeatedly, I have started using an indoor bicycle trainer with Dolly and taking more spinning classes. In doing so I’ve sort of re-found music while working out.

As a music lover it’s odd because I don’t run with music, ever, and I have kind of forgotten how awesome it is to sweat to some good tunes. I have been thinking about getting an iPod Shuffle to incorporate music into runs that I do solo. Since, I obviously will continue talking my running buds faces off during our group runs. (Too bad people!) I use my iTouch constantly in the car and at home but it’s a wee bit too big for running.

Last night I got home and happened to have an iTunes gift card from my birthday, so I added some new songs and hopped on the trainer. I practiced with the clips and didn’t even fall off the bike once. Heh.

A few of my new tunes were:

Britney Spears “Til the world ends”
Lupe Fiasco “The show goes on”
Lady Gaga “Born this way”
Yes, they are all totally pop/radio play but they are fun and keep my mind occupied. I was wondering: “does Britney ever brush her hair when she’s not on stage?”, “I like this Lupe dude. I wonder if he’s Hispanic…” and “That Gaga is nutso, but I like it!”
At spin class this week (Sunday with Cay-See and this morning with the video screens*), a few of my faves were:

U2 “Lemon” (thanks to Cay-See for getting us in the St Patty’s Day mood!)
Jay Z “New York”
Big Boi “Shutterbug”
Abba “Dancing Queen”
There is just so much fun, good music out there it must be hard picking out a playlist as an instructor. And the music helps so much when you just want to get through the workout.

Thus today, I’m thankful for the workout playlist.

What are some songs that your are thankful for in your workout? (No songs? Fine. What are you just plain thankful for today?)

*The spin studio I sometimes go to plays the music videos on two huge screens. It’s quite nice actually. Today there was an animated music video by a rock band and for the life of me I can’t find it. I liked the song and the video was very cool. Help! There was a guy playing Guitar Hero in it and he looked out the window and crazy stuff was going on….I guess I could just call the studio to find out. But why do that when I have you guys?