Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having better weeks than I am. Work is just really draining me right now and if it weren’t for running I may go a little postal. That being said, this Thankful Thursday post is exactly what I need to put things into perspective as I have a lot to be thankful for and need to remember that. No matter what life hands us, sometimes it’s best to just count your blessings. I’m going to take my own advice and list (yay for lists!) them. I may have said these before, but so what? It’s nice to have a refresher course in thankfulness.

1. A job. Granted it’s making me a tad nutso right now, it pays the bills and lives don’t depend on whether I goof up or not. (We’d all be in big trouble if I were say….a neurosurgeon. Yikes!)

2. Family. I have a wonderful family. They are very supportive and always around to lend me an ear or a shoulder. Now if only I could get them to lend me a bottom for those long tri-training bike rides…

3. LLoyd! Need I say more?

4. Running. Oh sweet baby Jesus how I love the stress relief I get from a good, intense run. I’ve got track work on deck tonight. Bring it track!

5. Food. I love food. Let’s be honest here, my inner fat girl wants to eat cookies, french fries, and cake everyday. I don’t, but when I do, oh my is it lovely. (And of course, not everyone is as fortunate to eat three meals a day.)

6. Humor. I love a comedian and I love laughing. I really enjoy making people laugh and I’m thankful that some people find me funny. Even if they are just laughing at me.

7. The BRA. These people were a God send. Don’t know what I’d do without each and every single one of them. C’mon people, group hug!

8. This Blog. It keeps me in check and helps me vent. And it’s led me to some wonderful folks.

9. Sun. Sure it’s beating me all to hell during my runs, but that vitamin D does wonders.

10. Me. I’m gonna go ahead and be thankful for me. What? It’s ok to be thankful for ones self, so long as you don’t get all Paris Hilton about it.

So, what are you thankful for today?