Basically every week at about 3 PM on Wednesday I either have my Thankful Thursday idea burning to get out of my fingers and onto the computer or I am thinking, “Well sh!t. What is a good Thankful Thursday topic?”

Unfortunately for you dear bloggies, this was one of those Wednesdays. That’s not to say that I am ungrateful for all of the wonderful things in my life, but I like Thankful Thursday to be more than the obvious (health, family, friends, Lloyd being potty trained, etc.). I like them to make you laugh, smile, and think. (Remember the time I made you all think about bikini waxes? Ahhh. That was fun wasn’t it?)

I dug deep today for what I am thankful for. What cannot I not live without? What is my passion? And then, like a shooting star right in my a$$, it was there. It was so simple and staring me in the face that I felt a little silly for not posting it before. I do this 5 days a week. No, not that. (PERV ALERT!) I started a blog about it. I obsess about it. You see where I am going here don’t you? (If not you might need to hop on the short bus to your next marathon starting line.)

It keeps me in shape. It keeps me thin. It keeps me heart healthy. It’s lead me to new friends. It’s lead me to this wonderful blog-o-sphere. It’s given me a sense of pride. It’s helped me find a strength of conviction I didn’t know I had. It’s made me a competitor. It’s shown me what real dedication is. It’s shown me true athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. It has changed my life. It’s made me a leader. It helped me understand what a true passion for something is. It showed me that I can do anything I set my mind (and a little training) to. It’s helped me listen to others as well as my own body. It’s humbled me. It’s strengthened me. It’s made me laugh. It’s made me cry. It keeps my ego in check. It grounds me. It pushes me. It’s brings me bling. It keeps me happy. It keeps me sane.

Today, I am thankful for running.

What are you thankful for today?