Happy Thursday peeps! I’m in a better mood today than I was yesterday and that has a lot to do with my running buds. Last night I went a mile challenge at the track which hosted a veritable who’s who of local speedy folks. I got to promote my race and watch really fast people tear it up. A few of us headed out for beers and food after and I must admit that this really cheered me up. If I can’t run then I’ll at least be a damn fine athletic supporter. 
I was pretty grumpy about this leg at the beginning of the week and even grumpier when I went to swim (just pull – no kicking!) on Tuesday and the pool was closed due to poop. Yep. Some kid had Caddyshacked it up. Ever get a literal sign that you shouldn’t be working out? This was mine. 
I’ve made it to day 4 of NWW (No Workout Week) and I’m hanging in there. I did some sit ups, push ups, and planks this morning and followed that up with my PT stretches and exercises. My leg doesn’t hurt when I walk but I’m getting a random twinge here and there while sitting. Anyone know what that’s all about? 
Looking over my goals on what I wanted accomplish this week, I’m actually doing very well. I’ve been promoting my race, I’ve cleaned my house, I’ve made one actual meal and am making another one tonight for Jess at Cuban Running Crisis. We’re having an injury party where there will be both wine and whine. I still need to wash my car and Lloyd but otherwise this whole not working out thing definitely opens up your calendar. 
Dealing with an injury is certainly no fun but today, I’m so thankful for friends and bloggers who have previously been injured and have come out on the other side. Obviously I’m not thankful they were injured cause being injured blows, but I have their recovery stories to look to for examples. And to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both Red at Caution: Redhead Running and Lindsay at Chasing the Kenyans have dealt with some serious running set backs and both of them handled these rough patches with grace and humor.
Moving forward I’m really hoping that this whole NWW does my leg a lot of good cause I don’t know how long I can go without at least swimming or biking. Apparently the hamstring is a beeyotch to heal. 
What are you thankful for today?