Every time I go to an expo I see things and think “Man, why didn’t I think of that?” Quite frankly I’m still trying to come up with some cool new running gadget that will get me out of my day job. I won’t hold my breath though as all I’ve come up with thus far are little sayings that I might put on some t-shirts. Meh.

At the MCM expo they had everything. From shoes to socks (I heart Injinji) to gels to car magnets, I mean everything. One item that I had actually seen before the expo had me all excited and I couldn’t wait to get my very own.

Behold the Nite Beam!

This is a ight up arm band and you can get it in many different colors. It’s super light and great for running when it’s dark out. What with the dumb time change and all, we need to be safe out there. They also have shoelaces, doggie collars, and wrist bands. I bought a blue one for myself and a bunch for folks in my running group. Click HERE for the website to get your own.

What are you thankful for today? *I almost forgot to say THANK YOU to the Vets. Happy Veteran’s Day!*