There are some days that I just wake up and want some. All day long I think about it. There are days that I fight wanting it because I can’t have it right then and there. I know most, if not all of you think about it too. And women think about it far more than we like to admit. And yes it can be very bad, but it can also be so…so…good.

You can have it with someone special or by yourself. It’s good that way too. Heck, sometimes it’s better by yourself. You can just sit back and really enjoy it.

It can be fun when it’s hot or cold and I even like it in a car on a road trip. Or after a long, hard run.**

Mmmm…and that’s why I’m thankful for it today.

Don’t you just love chocolate?*

What did you think I meant sickos?

What are you thankful for today?

*I’m down with Kitkats, Reese’s, and Three Musketeers but I won’t pass up a Hershey’s square in a pinch. I’m not an all the time choco-fiend, but on days like yesterday when I felt like my head would explode I got myself to the CVS and almost went blind…..

**Speaking of running I got an x-ray on my shin but haven’t heard anything back yet. Hopefully no news is good news and it’s feeling A-OK today. Woot!