Happy Thursday friends! I don’t have a big intro for today’s thankfulness, other than to say I am thankful for humor.

They say laughter is the best medicine and with this Old Wonky-ness, I could use a few chuckles. Here’s my list of funny things I am thankful for.

1. The JetBlue Flight Attendant. Regardless of if his actions were wrong or right, you have to admit that sliding out of your job on a big inflated slide while holding the beer you stole is down right hilarious. I’m hoping they install inflatable slides at companies everywhere.

2. Chappelle’s Show. Always hilarious. I’m sad that it ended, but the reruns and DVDs are an awesome pick me up.

3. Terrible jokes. I love a bad joke. The cornier the better. Leave me some in the comments if you are so inclined.

4. LOLcats. I love this site and I love how the cats “speak.” I can has cheez burger?

5. Shut up and run. This blog always makes me laugh. It features lots of poop jokes and running. No wonder she got to interview Dean Karnazes. (The interview is really good, by the way.)

6. A good, funny story you can tell over and over again and it gets you every time. For example, my sister and I went to a University of Florida (GO GATORS!) game one year and we had no choice but to stay at a certain motel that left a lot to be desired. The room stunk of cigarettes and had little by way of creature comforts. But we sucked it up since there was no vacancy anywhere else. After the game I took a shower and came out with the towel on. Sort of. You see, the towel was oddly small and wouldn’t wrap around me. I stood there dripping and showing my sister my attempts at making it fit and we died laughing. We still crack up thinking about that place. (It was also when those “dead zone” commercials were popular. We kept saying “The towels are kind of scratchy!”) Eh, maybe you had to be there.

7. That’s what she said!

8. My roommate and I make fart noises every single time the other one bends over. It never gets old.

9. P-Funk and Hollster. These two ladies constantly crack me up. Hollster will go Rambo on somebody and you’d never see it coming. Hilarious! P-Funk will totally act out scenes from West Side Story with me at random. It’s probably the reason I enjoy running with them so much.

10. This video. I’ve posted it before, but it never gets old.

So if any of you are feeling blue or a bit down, I advise you to have a few laughs. It helps. Trust me.
What funny thing are you thankful for today?