Augusta is only 16 days away and I’m both nervous and excited. My wave starts at the late hour of 9 AM but I’ve been told by my coach and fellow triathletes not to worry too much about that. The good news is that I start behind most all of my friends who are also competing. My new goal will be to catch them. Come here wabbits! (I’m kidding because I don’t think I’ll catch any of them actually.)
Speaking of Augusta I recently posted that I was going to dance as soon as this race was over. I meant dance as in go out dancing since I’ll finally have a few mornings to sleep in before I start another cycle of race training. Of course, as soon as I said I’d dance after this guy mentioned dancing as soon as I finished. Like at the finish line. Well, I consider that a challenge. Also, I’m just goofy enough to do it. I recruited this gal to do some dancing with me.
The question arose of what dance I should do. Should I Dougie? Perhaps a little Stanky Leg? Watusi? Crump? Pony? Robot? I mean, the options are endless really.
But then, on a fateful morning as I watched my usual morning show, GMA, I saw a video with a new dance that:  1. Looked real easy. 2. Seemed just ridiculous enough 3. Was really damn catchy, even if I have no clue what he’s saying.
What is it you ask? Well see below for the next big 70.3 dance craze….Gangnam Style.

Today I’m thankful for ridiculously silly and fun ideas and having friends who’ll follow through with the ridicuolousness with me.

What are you thankful for?

Heeeey sexy lady…..